Psychotherapist & Psychologist in Southbank Victoria – Online Counselling services


Psychotherapist & Psychologist in Southbank Victoria – Online Counselling services

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Online Counselling Southbank – Telehealth for Individuals and couples

If you need the services of a psychologist, to provide online counselling assistance, then talk to the team at Omnicare Medical Clinic. As a team of holistic practitioners and allied healthcare professionals, we provide complete care and support for patients including online psychological assistance. Whether you are seeking help as an individual or as a couple, book a tele-appointment with our experienced psychotherapist & psychologist today.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Southbank Vic – Why online counselling?

Online counselling provides a convenient and safe option for all parties concerned. This is vital in such times of travel restrictions or for those with mobility issues or those with childcare commitments or phobias such as Agoraphobia. Research has shown that speaking to a psychotherapist & psychologist online makes them feel less inhibited and therefore more willing to open up about their fears, worries, or problems.

Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Southbank – Who is online counselling for?

Online counselling in Southbank Vic can benefit a number of people. Those with common psychological issues, for example, such as depression, anxiety, and stress are ideal candidates for online assistance. Online psychological counselling is also beneficial for those struggling with grief, life direction, relationship issues, and anger or pain management.

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How our Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Southbank can Help

Our psychotherapist & psychologist adopts a tailored approach to improve an individual’s or couple’s overall wellbeing. He takes elements of effective therapy and adapts or combines treatments including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), to suit a patient’s individual needs. This way our psychologist, is able to successfully treat a wide variety of personal and mental health issues.

If you would like to book an online session with our psychologist & psychotherapist in Southbank Melbourne, visit our website and book a session today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online therapy work?
The aim of an online psychologist here in Southbank Victoria is to provide you with a psychological session just as you would if you were attending a physical appointment.

Using visual and audio technology in the form of Skype or Zoom, patients will be able to fully interact with our therapist the same way as they would if they were face to face.

If you feel that online counselling in Melbourne Victoria is right for you, call us today and our administrative team will determine if your problems or issues are suited to online counselling. If they are, then you will be advised to make a virtual appointment where you will then receive an email. The email details important information like how to access your appointment and payment instructions.

What technology do I need to speak with your psychologist & psychotherapist in Southbank?
For the vast majority of online counselling sessions, you will need a computer with a camera and sound. You will also need a reliable internet connection. If you have an iPhone, then in addition to either Skype, Zoom or Coviu, you may also be able to use Facetime. Finally, it’s essential that you have a private or quiet space where you are unlikely to be disturbed for the duration of your counselling session or consultation.
Which conditions are not appropriate for online counselling in Southbank Vic?
Online psychological therapy is not suited to those people whose life is in danger. This is either through circumstances like self-harm, harm to others, or where there is a concern for a child’s wellbeing under the age of 16.

In addition, other conditions such as psychotic behaviour, a bipolar disorder that remains unmedicated, and eating disorders are all best dealt with on a face to face basis and are likewise not suitable conditions for online counselling.