Doctors and Allied Health in Southbank


Doctors and Allied Health in Southbank

Our Story

Omnicare Medical Clinic -formally Spiral Medical Clinic- has serviced the local community in Southbank Vic for 12 years. Our team has decided to expand and redefine our service commitment by focusing on interdisciplinary medicine and a holistic approach to healthcare.

Holistic practitioners in Southbank Vic – treatment, prevention, education

At Omnicare, we’re mixed billing and bulk billing doctors in Southbank with a difference. While we treat a range of medical issues, we know that to achieve a state of wellness requires more than just treating a disease or illness. Management and prevention strategies must follow. This requires a committed health care team with a patient-centred focus.

Bulk Billing Doctors in Southbank – About our Team

We bring an integrated health service to Southbank Vic and South Melbourne and believe that to achieve optimum results, each individual should be treated with a tailored and interconnected health care approach best suited to their needs. Find out more by meeting our Omnicare team below.

Dr Mark Glasman

MBBS. M.Psychiatry (General Practitioner)

Dr Glasman is a General Practitioner at this practice, with postgraduate qualifications in Psychiatry. Dr Glasman has a holistic approach to medicine with many years of experience in this area. He has a special interest in all mental health issues.


Registered Nurse

Shelley our practice nurse assists our Doctors and patients. Shelley has a special interest in nutrition and can assist those with diabetes or those looking at weight loss.

Dr Chris Vandeloo


After working as a medical scientist at Health Scope for six years, Dr Chris Vandeloo found that he wanted to deal with people, not names and persuaded his chiropractic education. Chris obtained his biomedical science degree, bachelor of complementary medicine and chiropractic, and a masters degree in clinical chiropractic.

Chris also completed Post graduate education in diabetes care and chronic disease management Adolescent spinal disorders and Paediatric chiropractic care.

Frank Perri

Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

Frank Perri is a registered psychologist and qualified hypnotherapist. He has lectured in the field of psychology at University for over 10 years and has presented at a number of conferences. As well as seeing clients, Frank still lectures at University and is currently undertaking his PhD in psychology. Frank has Medicare and Private Health Insurance provider numbers.

James Tran

Registered Acupuncturist/ Naturopath ATMS member 22151B HSC (Nat) and M.AppSc (Acu)

James combines both traditional Eastern medicine with Western naturopathy philosophies, specialising in a number of modalities, including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and herbal medicine in his naturopathic consultations.

Some of the conditions treated include, hayfever, back pain, sciatica, knee & shoulder pain, foot & hand pain, arthritis, digestive problems, anxiety, stress and fertility support; or for those seeking a natural alternative/support to their long-term conditions

Dr Matthew Young (Chinese Medicine)

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Matthew believes that you deserve to feel empowered in making decisions around your health. He values a collaborative effort and working with you in setting tangible goals for your health that are realistic, achievable and compatible with your lifestyle.

Matthew uses a combination of modalities within his practice including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion and gua sha. He also aims to make dietary and lifestyle changes that will changes that will supplement your treatment but that are also realistic and achievable. Matthew has a particular interest in LGBT+ health issues, mental health, dermatology and cosmetic acupuncture.

Benjamin Gill


Benjamin is an accredited practising dietitian and food and nutrition lecturer/tutor at University of Melbourne and RMIT. He has two years experience as a clinical dietitian working with a variety of patients within the in-patient and out-patient setting. He has a personal interest in nutrition science, functional foods and personalised nutrition and believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness.


Practice Manager

As spending a number of years in the fashion industry, Nancy has taken her award winning professionalism to the health sector.

She has quickly moved from reception to become Practice Manager



Caoimhe has a keen interest in health and currently completing her Bachelors of Nursing.

Coming from the services industry her organisational skills are a great asset to our team

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about any of our services in Southbank Vic, contact our mixed billing and bulk billing doctors in Southbank on (03) 9008 1923 and talk to our friendly Omnicare team who can help

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is integrated health care and how can it benefit me?
The current healthcare system in Australia is fragmented with many patients needing to see multiple practitioners across multiple sites. This increases the risk of error and poor patient health coordination.

Our team at Omnicare in Southbank Vic are all about understanding the holistic needs of a patient – not simply treating the illness or disease but by looking at the bigger picture. We provide easy and speedy access to tailored care across multi-healthcare disciplines in order to address the underlying causes and imbalances that affect a patient’s overall health. So while we are a mixed billing and bulk billing doctor in Southbank, patients can visit us for a range of treatments that help with every aspect of their physical and mental wellbeing.

How is a functional/holistic medicine approach favoured over traditional healthcare here in Southbank Vic?
The current or traditional approach to disease management here in Melbourne is to administer drugs to help manage the symptoms or condition of a patient without taking into account why the symptoms or disease has occurred.

So while traditional medicine asks, “what’s the best treatment for this disease?” holistic medicine asks, “what underlying imbalances or problems need to be addressed to return the body to a better state of health?”

Holistic medicine treats the roots of the problem whereas conventional mixed billing and bulk billing doctors in Southbank will treat the symptoms of the problem.

You mention that you can assist with prevention management – how does this work?
Here at Omnicare, we are, of course, highly committed to medical healing but a large part of what we do is illness prevention. Our aim is to help patients improve their health and remain healthy. As such patients have access to a range of allied healthcare professionals such as dieticians, psychologists, specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and chiropractic care who will work with you to develop a personalised preventative wellness plan. This ensures that you remain in the best of physical and mental health and are therefore less susceptible to health problems in the future.