Traditional Chinese Medicine in Southbank Vic


Traditional Chinese Medicine in Southbank Vic

traditional Chinese medicine Southbank

TCM in Southbank Vic – Alternative Medical Care

If you’re looking for an alternative to prescription drugs and invasive surgeries, why not consider traditional Chinese medicine provided at our Southbank Clinic in Victoria. It’s an age-old practice that generations of families in China have been using to prevent illness and maintain good health. To find out more about TCM, call our holistic medical centre in South Melbourne.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Southbank Vic– How it Helps

Rather than suppress the symptoms or help a patient manage their condition, TCM in Southbank Vic takes a holistic view of the body. The practitioner finds and treats the root cause of the problem and works to either reverse or prevent the disease altogether. The treatment is personalised and includes lifestyle dietary, nutrition, and exercise changes to improve the patient’s health and wellbeing.

Holistic Medical Centre in South Melbourne – The TCM Services We Offer

Dr Matthew Young uses a combination of traditional Chinese medicine techniques that include acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal remedies, massage, cupping, and Gua Sha. He believes in setting goals for your health that are realistic, achievable and that fit in with your lifestyle.

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Traditional Chinese medicine in Southbank Vic places the focus on you, the patient, rather than your medical condition. The ethos behind TCM is to treat, prevent, and educate to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness. If you’d like to experience TCM and find out what it can do for you, why not schedule an appointment at Omnicare Medical Clinic. Call our friendly team today on 03 9008 1923.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does traditional Chinese Medicine work?
TCM is a form of medicine that works on the belief that invisible energy in the body called ‘qi’ flows along lines or pathways known as ‘meridians’. Should the flow of ‘qi’ become obstructed or unbalanced, this causes an illness or malfunction to occur.

Factors thought to cause qi imbalance are thought to include:

  • Internal forces or emotions such as fear, joy, and anger
  • External forces such as cold, heat, and wind
  • Lifestyle factors such as insufficient sleep, excessive alcohol, poor diet

Another concept of TCM is all about balance. A person’s state of wellbeing or health is said to depend on the harmonious balance of yin and yang.

Our TCM practitioner in Southbank, Vic, focuses on the balance of the mind, body, and spirit to restore qi, balance the yin-yang, and improve patient health.

How does a TCM practitioner make a diagnosis?
At our holistic medical centre in South Melbourne, an initial consultation is required to enable Dr Young to make a diagnosis.

During the consultation

  • He will listen to your story
  • Gather information from things such as your movement, bodily sounds, demeanour, complexion, and voice.
  • Take your temperature and pulse and look at your tongue
  • Feel your skin, internal organs, and muscle tone, as appropriate.

These are a set of diagnostic ‘tools’ intended to identify imbalance which could, for example, be causing frequent headaches.

Using this example, the TCM practitioner looks at the headaches in their entire context to see if they are caused by an excess (such as severe stress) or a deficiency (such as not enough sleep or food). Having recognised a pattern, the aim is to remove the excess and replenish the deficiency.

He then selects from several treatment options using combinations such as acupuncture or herbal remedies with lifestyle education and counselling to promote optimal wellbeing.