Coronavirus Information


Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus COVID-19

This page has been created to help our patients better understand what Governments, Medical Groups and this clinic is doing to deal with this pandemic.

You can call The Coronavirus Health Info Line 1800 020 080 24 hours a day 7 days a week

With regard to the latest Government information COVID-19 we recommend the following two main Government sites

The Federal Government latest health alerts on COVID19

The State Government latest health alerts on COVID-19

With regard to general Medical Information on COVID-19 we recommend the following

World Health Organisation

Australian Medical Association

Things are moving very quickly at the moment, so please check these sites often for updates.

COVID-19 Testing

The government has established specialist testing clinics.

The closest testing clinics to Omnicare are:

Drive Through Testing – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (Open 7 days)

Walk in Testing – Port Melbourne Respiratory Clinic

Further details of other testing clinics can be found here

Omnicare Medical like many clinics around the country are preparing as best we can for this virus, to do this we are guided by Government guidelines for clinics and the limited resources we have, but we also need your help and co-operation, not only for the safety of our healthcare workers, but also the safety of fellow patients.

What if you are showing symptoms of cold / flu / COVID-19 or you think you may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.

You must not walk in to Omnicare without letting us know. The reason for this is we must prepare the clinic for your arrival. You will need to call and reception they will discuss options with you, these could include:

  • A telephone consultation with our GP (Medicare has approved this service)
  • Booking a GP appointment at a set time
  • Information regarding other testing centres if we cannot test you

Australia has criminal laws around the deliberate spreading of disease, therefore it is important that you follow government guidelines and the instructions of clinic staff.

I have an appointment for a COVID-19 test at Omnicare, what do I need to do?

If you are coming in for testing, firstly make sure you have a COVID-19 testing appointment booked by phone. Walk in tests are not permitted.

Arrive at the time of your appointment, please call the clinic before you enter. Reception will give you gloves and a mask before you walk in to the waiting area. You may also be asked to wait outside until your appointment time. The reason for this is to protect others in the waiting room.

We recommend where possible to use the drive though testing clinics which are open 7 days a week