Holistic GP in Melbourne


Holistic GP in Melbourne

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Holistic Healthcare You Can Trust

As a holistic medical centre in Melbourne, we focus on an integrated approach to health care. While conventional doctors treat the symptoms of a disease or illness and will refer out when required, the team at Omnicare Medical Clinic work as a collective team of allied health professionals to treat not only your symptoms but any underlying conditions or causes.

Omnicare Medical Clinic – A Comprehensive Approach

Taking a comprehensive approach to each Melbourne patient means that we focus on two core factors – an accurate diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan. Our Melbourne holistic GP’s are trained and educated in some of Australia’s best universities and will work towards developing a thorough understanding of each patient’s health. From this we can tailor personalised treatment to their individual needs – irrespective of whether those needs are physical, psychological, or both.

About our services

Patients visiting our Southbank clinic in Melbourne Vic can benefit from a wide range of interdisciplinary treatments and services including:

  • Psychology
  • Dietetics
  • Chiropractic care
  • Naturopathy
  • Alternative medicine in Melbourne and,
  • Medical and nursing services

Want to find out more about how a holistic GP in Melbourne Vic can help? Call us on (03) 9008 1923.

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about any of our services in Southbank Vic, contact our mixed billing and bulk billing doctors in Southbank on (03) 9008 1923 and talk to our friendly Omnicare team who can help

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit personally from alternative medicine in Melbourne?
Interdisciplinary or holistic health care in Melbourne Vic is a way of looking at human health and chronic disease. It’s a way of understanding the body as a whole and applying holistic health care to not only tackle the symptoms of a disease or illness but also the root cause of the problem.

As a result, our holistic doctors here in Melbourne can tailor treatments that resolve underlying health complaints, often tackling factors like diet and lifestyle imbalances to get a patient back on the road to complete wellness.

So what does this mean for you?
In essence, we don’t just treat or suppress the symptoms of a condition. Instead, patients have access to a team of highly qualified allied healthcare providers and Melbourne general practitioners who collectively, will tackle the drivers that cause the underlying issue or problem. This may include better weight management, reducing stress, promoting sleep and even improving your mental health.
What’s the difference between a conventional general practitioner and a holistic GP in Melbourne?
A conventional doctor will look to manage an illness or disease while a holistic GP will look to prevent or reverse the condition. While conventional medicine looks to suppress symptoms often with drugs or medication, a holistic practitioner will look to find and treat the root causes of the illness or disease.
Do you offer telehealth services at your Melbourne Clinic?

Yes. Patients visiting our Southbank practice can choose from either a phone or video chat and will have access to our holistic GP in Melbourne, our psychologist, or our dietitian. This is ideal if you have mobility issues, live remotely, or have limited access to transport.