Telehealth Southbank – Convenient Remote Medical Assistance


Telehealth Southbank – Convenient Remote Medical Assistance

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth services enable patients to access medical services delivered over the phone or by a video call without needing to visit our clinic in Southbank Vic. It’s convenient for people with limited access to transport, who struggle with their mobility, live remotely, or just lead a busy lifestyle and have little time to spare.

Not all healthcare is available with telehealth. Should you need a physical examination, or your condition is deemed an emergency, telehealth may not be right for you.

How Can I Use Telehealth in Southbank?

You can use telehealth for a number of remote health services. These include a quick phone chat with the doctor to request a prescription renewal, a video chat with our dietician to discuss your diabetic dietary needs, or an online counselling session with our clinical psychologist.

Prior to accessing our telehealth services, you will have to first make an appointment via our clinic 03 9008 1923 or book using HotDocs.

Do I Have to Pay for Telehealth in Southbank?

Depending on the service, you may have to pay for a consultation. If you usually pay in the clinic after seeing the doctor or psychologist, then the same costs will apply. If you’re not sure, then you can always check with our clinic in Southbank Vic.

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Want to know more, please contact us on 03 9008 1923

Whether you need a prescription renewal, or you want to discuss a medical problem with the doctor, you can do so from the comfort of your home or office using telehealth in Southbank. It’s quick, it’s easy, and convenient.

A quick telehealth phone call or video consultation can help put your mind at ease or determine if there’s a need for you to visit Omnicare Medical for an in-person consultation, so get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for Telehealth services at your Southbank Vic clinic?
Once you have completed your session there is an option to pay over the phone or online. Usually, a link is sent via SMS which you can click on and enter your payment details.

Once paid, we will issue you with a receipt and, if a rebate is due, send it to Medicare who will pay it directly into your account if they have your details. If not, they will mail you a cheque, so take care to ensure your address and bank details are up to date with Medicare.

Can I pay for Telehealth in Southbank Vic with health insurance?
We accept all health care insurance but check first with your healthcare provider to see if you are covered.

If you don’t have healthcare insurance or can’t claim with Medicare, then you can still pay independently for telehealth services.

Is telehealth the same as an in-person visit?
In many ways, yes. If you’re speaking to the psychologist, for instance, the experience will be similar or even the same as an in-person visit.

For a doctor’s appointment, the doctor will use telehealth to talk to you first. If he needs you to come in for an examination or blood test, this will then be booked for you.

How much does a telehealth service cost?
At Omnicare Medical, we bulk bill most services with no out of pocket expenses. Currently, bulk-billed telehealth services are available to all Australians.
What services are included in telehealth?
Patients can benefit from a wide range of telehealth services in Southbank Vic, including:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Services to people with eating disorders
  • Mental health treatment
  • Services for patients in aged care facilities
  • Services to autistic children
  • Pregnancy support counselling
  • Some consultations by other medical specialists and nurse practitioners