Health Checks in Southbank – Comprehensive Lifestyle And Wellbeing Programmes


Health Checks in Southbank – Comprehensive Lifestyle And Wellbeing Programmes

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Health Checks in Melbourne – Tailored programs just for you

If you have medical concerns or are looking to maintain your state of wellbeing with the help of lifestyle medicine, then our holistic medical practice offers patients comprehensive lifestyle and wellbeing health checks in Southbank Vic. We provide a range of health check programs designed to help you to achieve and maintain optimal health lifestyle and wellbeing goals. Talk to our Omnicare Medical team about how we can assist you today!

Health checks in Southbank – How can lifestyle medicine help

Our general practitioners and nurses provide both general health checks and medical check-ups in Southbank Vic that allow you to;

  • Keep your health in check
  • Help you to achieve your health goals
  • Detect problems or illnesses early to aid better treatment
  • Put your mind at ease
  • Monitor existing conditions and illnesses and,
  • Live your life to the fullest

What We Offer

Our holistic general practitioners offer a variety of health checks and medical check-ups in Southbank, Vic including:

Men’s Health – Skin and prostate cancer checks, blood pressure, BMI checks, stress management and ECG checks

Women’s health – Cervical screening, breast cancer checks, reproductive health questions and stress management

Children and babies – General health checks and immunisations.

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Want to know more, please contact us on (03) 9699 9121

Why choose us?

When it comes to lifestyle medicine and health checks in Southbank, Melbourne, then you are in safe and capable hands with our general practitioners and nurses at Omnicare Medical Clinic.

As holistic health care professionals, our team consists of highly qualified and highly experienced clinicians who have spent decades working with individuals to improve their health. This is done through the identification and close management of health risks. All health checks are both thorough and comprehensive and we specialise in tailoring health programs specifically for you.

If you would like to find out more about our lifestyle medicine or comprehensive health checks in Southbank, Melbourne or would like to book a health check consultation, call the team or book online for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assist with chronic condition management?
Yes. After your health care checks are complete and it’s deemed that you may have a chronic condition, we can help you to manage that condition by referring you to our team of like-minded medical clinicians and allied healthcare professionals.

Between them, they have the expertise to manage not only your condition but tackle and fix the root causes of your illness. This includes conditions like diabetes, asthma, obesity, back or neck pain and stress or mental health issues.

Do your health checks in Southbank Vic, extend to occupational health?
Yes. Our general doctors provide annual check-ups for workers as well as pre-employment medicals and injury assessments for worker’s compensation claims.
Can I request a female healthcare professional for my healthcare check-up here in Southbank?
Yes. We have a highly experienced registered nurse at our clinic in Victoria 3006, who can assist with blood tests, cervical screenings, and breast examinations. Our nurse also has a special interest in nutrition and can help those patients with diabetes and weight problems.