Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Please see answers to some common questions below

Do you bulk bill?
Yes, we do bulk bill if patients have a health care card or are under 18
Can I claim a Medicare Rebate on the spot?
Yes, we have Medicare EasyClaim on site so you don’t need to go in to a Medicare office
Can I claim on my private health insurance?

Yes, if your treatment is covered by your health care provider, we have Hicaps to allow you to claim on the spot so you only pay the difference

Do you provide TAC and Workcover services?

Yes, if you have a TAC or Workcover claim we can assist you

Can I book online?

Yes, we use HotDocs for online bookings you can book online via the HotDoc app or via this Hot Doc Link

What is Telehealth?
A Telehealth service is a phone call or video chat with a Doctor or Allied Health professional. Instead of attending the clinic in person you have your consultation by phone or video link
Is Telehealth the same as an in person visit?
It depends on the visit but mostly yes. For some services like a psychologist visit the experience will be very close to the or the same as an in person visit. For a Doctor’s appointment, again the Doctor will chat to you first via Telehealth, if you are required to come in for a blood test or physical assessment another time will be booked for you.
How much does a Telehealth service cost?
Most services are bulk billed with no out of pocket expenses. There may be other services required that are not covered.
What do I need to for a Telehealth service and how does it occur?

Please see our Telehealth page for further information and this video for further instructions