Holistic Southbank GP – Welcome to Omnicare Medical Clinic


Holistic Southbank GP – Welcome to Omnicare Medical Clinic

Southbank GP

Holistic care in Southbank Vic

When it comes to Southbank medical care, patients visiting our medical centre will benefit from a holistic approach to general practice medicine. Our experienced general practitioners won’t just fix the symptoms of an illness, they also look to find and treat the root cause of a problem by taking into account the many facets of the human self. This includes aspects such as mental, physical and spiritual health, as well as attitudes and lifestyles to help promote complete wellness. To find out more, call our Southbank GP today.

About our Southbank medical services

At Omnicare Medical Clinic, 3006 Victoria, we are more than just your average general practice. Our general medical services focus on accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment programs to deliver the best all-round care possible for each and every patient. We believe in getting to know what makes our patients tick and will work closely with them to help them better understand their own health and wellbeing.

About our Southbank GP’s

Our doctors are leading holistic medical practitioners and have many years of experience in general practice. They utilise the best of conventional and cause-based functional medicine to provide an interdisciplinary approach to patient care. Our Southbank medical practitioners work closely with each patient to develop personalised treatment programs including lifestyle recommendations where necessary.

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Want to know more, please contact us on 03 9008 1923

If you are looking for a Southbank GP in 3006 who takes a refreshingly different approach to conventional medicine and traditional patient care, then come and talk to our team of Southbank medical practitioners.

Our general medical services are designed to provide outstanding levels of care for the residents of Southbank Vic and the surrounding South Melbourne areas. Call Omnicare Medical Clinic and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What treatments and services does your general practice offer?
Here in Southbank Vic, we can assist patients with a wide variety of problems including:

  • Pain management
  • Sexual and reproductive issues
  • Flu and cold infections and viruses
  • Diabetes management
  • Weight management
  • Chronic heart conditions
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Eye and ear health
  • Musculoskeletal problems including back pain, arthritis and broken bones
  • Dermatological disorders that affect skin hair and nails

In addition, our general practice clinicians in Southbank Vic also carry out general health check-ups, preventative tests including pap smears, treatment follow-ups for a variety of cancers, and palliative care. We can also carry out blood and cholesterol tests here at our state-of-the-art medical centre premises.

Can I book a phone or video consultation with you?
Absolutely. Our general practice medicine extends to providing both phone or video consultations for anyone that needs it. Telemedicine increases access to instant care for those that are isolated, have poor transport links, or are housebound and acts as an enhancement to traditional face to face medicine. If you are in need of a phone or video consultation with our Southbank GP here in Victoria 3006, visit our website and book a slot today.
What happens if I get referred to an allied healthcare colleague by your Southbank Doctor here in Melbourne?
As holistic healthcare professionals here in Melbourne Vic, we will often call upon the professional assistance of our team of allied healthcare professionals and clinicians to help deal with the root causes of your disease or illness. If our Southbank GP refers you to one or more of our colleagues, we offer the services of a health coordinator who (as the name suggests) co-ordinates all your treatments ensuring that you are seen in a timely and orderly manner.