Covid Vaccinations Southbank


Covid Vaccinations Southbank

Coronavirus Vaccinations Southbank

Omnicare Medical Clinic is participating in the COVID vaccine rollout. The vaccine rollout is the largest of its kind in Australian history.

At present, Australia has two vaccines. For more information about the vaccines and further questions such as safety and effectiveness, please check the following link.



Please note at present Omnicare Medical Clinic is only offering the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine; this will likely change in the future as the TGA has recently approved different cold storage requirements for the Pfizer vaccine, now allowing GP clinics to start offering the Pfizer vaccine. We will update this page when we can start offering the Pfizer vaccine, but at present bookings are for AstraZeneca only.


COVID vaccination involves two separate doses. If you’re planning a flu shot too, the minimum interval between it and a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is 14 days. Please bear that in mind when making your appointments.

COVID vaccines will be given in our dedicated COVID vaccine clinic. These clinics will run during weekday afternoons and be managed by our Nurses with oversight from one of our Doctors. It will not be possible for your regular doctor to provide the vaccine as part of a regular appointment because the vaccine stock must be managed differently from other vaccines.


If you are interested in booking a vaccination, please see the steps below:

Step 1 – Check your eligibility
Before booking your vaccine, you must check if you are eligible. Eligibility changes according to State and Federal guidelines, so if you are currently not eligible, check back regularly and note media releases of changes. Omnicare may also send out updates to patients. The government requires us to check your eligibility when you come in for your vaccine, so please bring in your identification, Medicare card and, if you are outside of age ranges currently being vaccinated, evidence that you can be vaccinated due to medical conditions or employment or other reasons as per the eligibility checker.

Check your vaccine eligibility here:


Step 2 – Book your vaccine
Use this booking link to select the day and time you would like your vaccine at Omnicare. All vaccines are free. If you are new to our clinic and HocDoc, you will need to enter your details, so please ensure you have your Medicare card handy. The booking system will ask you to confirm your eligibility, and you will need to provide evidence of this when you receive your vaccine.

If you are having issues with the online booking, or you do not have an email or mobile phone, please call us during business hours so that we can assist you.

Book your vaccine here: https://www.hotdoc.com.au/medical-centres/southbank-VIC-3006/omnicare-medical-clinic/doctors/covid-vaccine-clinic-45


Step 3 – Attend your booking

Our booking system will remind you 24 hours prior, and you must confirm your appointment. As the numbers of vaccines and spaces are limited if we cannot confirm your booking, your booking may be deleted and given to another.

Also, note that if you need to change or cancel this time, please let us know, and we will be happy to re-book you.


Being a smaller clinic and needing to abide by social distancing requirements, please be punctual as we can only have a small number of people inside the clinic at any one time. However, a benefit of this is you will not be waiting for a long time, and the process will be relatively quick. The entire process should take approximately 20-30 minutes, with very little waiting before your vaccine.

Please arrive at your booking time, bring your identification, Medicare card and evidence of eligibility (if required). As these are government requirements, we may not be able to vaccinate you if you do not have them. Please wear a mask to your appointment, maintain social distancing and follow staff instructions.

DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL. Please call the clinic before attending if you are feeling unwell.

You will be seated in a socially distanced area. Your information will be checked, your consent will be re-affirmed, and you will receive your vaccination and post-vaccination instructions.

After your vaccination, you will be given a vaccination card and will be required to wait for 15-30 minutes. After this time, staff will confirm that you are feeling well, and you can leave.

If this is your first dose, please re-book your second as per staff instructions.


Efficient Healthcare You Can Trust

In line with our continued commitment to the health and wellbeing of our patients, the team at Omnicare Medical Clinic will be participating in the forthcoming Covid vaccinations program here in Southbank. As soon as the stock arrives we will begin contacting people inviting them to make an appointment.

We will not be booking any appointments until our first batch of Coronavirus vaccine here in Melbourne has been delivered, so please do not try to make an appointment at this stage.

What You Need To Know

Whether you undergo a covid vaccination in Southbank or anywhere else in Melbourne you should know that they are free of charge and universal. Getting your Covid -19 vaccines is both safe and effective in preventing our Southbank patients from becoming ill with coronavirus.

All vaccines are tested to ensure they are safe before being approved for use and need to pass strict standards as laid out by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Getting Covid Vaccinations in South Melbourne

You will require two separate vaccinations several weeks apart. This is anywhere between 21 days and 12 weeks depending upon the type of vaccine you are offered
All Covid vaccinations in South Melbourne are free to Australian citizens, permanent residents and temporary visa holders.
All Covid 19 vaccinations are voluntary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which priority group I am in?
Knowing when you are eligible for your Covid vaccination in Southbank, Melbourne depends on having an understanding of your priority group. To find out which priority group you fall into, visit the Australian Governments Vaccine Eligibility Checker. It takes around 1-2 minutes to complete and by the end of it, you should have a clear indication of which category/group you are in.
How can I stay safe until I get my Covid vaccinations in South Melbourne?
Because the mass rollout of the Covid 19 vaccine is one of the largest healthcare programs undertaken here in Australia it will take time to distribute and inoculate every citizen. So whether you are in a priority group or not, you will need to keep yourself, your friends, family and loved ones safe. Here’s what you should be doing…

  • Washing hands frequently. Use hand sanitiser when soap and water is not an option.
  • Maintain a 1.5-metre distance from other people
  • Wear a mask covering when required to do so
  • If you do cough or sneeze ensure it’s caught either in a tissue or your elbow
  • Closely monitor and follow any current healthcare restrictions.

If you do feel unwell in the meantime, you are advised to take a Covid test as soon as possible and stay at home until you receive a negative result.