Dr Balvinder Khaira

Dr Balvinder Khaira

Dr Balvinder Khaira

Dr Balvinder Khaira is a Psychotherapist and a General Practitioner with an interest in the interplay between the psychological, physical, and greater societal dimensions of an individual. His practice draws on the concepts of mind-body holism and an inquiry into the factors that create disease, whilst also supporting factors that can lead to greater harmony and wellbeing.

As a Psychotherapist, he draws on the foundation of relational psychodynamic therapy and also the principles of Hakomi therapy such as; organicity (the inborn intelligence and wisdom of the body that helps us grow, heal and change), non-violence (change without aggression), and mind-body holism.

He also has a strong interest in how alternative medicine can be safely integrated into the western medical model and also what drives human flourishing, he runs blog exploring this topic.

He believes in providing sensitivity to people from all walks of life, including members of the LGTBQI community and people from all cultural backgrounds.

He is currently continuing his training with both the Stephen Mitchell Relational Psychotherapy Centre in New York and also in Acupuncture.

Balvinder grew up in Perth and graduated medical school from the University of Western Australia, he worked for a number of years in the hospital system in WA and then completed general practice training in Melbourne. He has extensive experience in complex chronic disease, addiction medicine, trauma and mental health. Balvinder has an added interest in mental health in adolescents and provides support to local high schools as a member of the Doctors in Schools initiative.

Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his family and this local community. He also enjoys practising yoga, meditation, skateboarding, playing music. He also runs a record label that supports charitable organisations in India.

“A practitioner must be more than just someone who knows a method. The practitioner must be someone whose very presence can be healing, a person who has all the qualities needed to support emotional healing in another”

– Ron Kurtz

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